Our personal stories 

Tea and Talk with George Clarke and Manchester Cladiators on World Mental Health Day
#TeaAndTalk event for #WorldMentalHealthDay - Introduction
#TeaAndTalk event for #WorldMentalHealthDay - George Clarke
#TeaAndTalk event for #WorldMentalHealthDay - Val

#TeaAndTalk event for #WorldMentalHealthDay - Nathan
#TeaAndTalk event for #WorldMentalHealthDay - Jess and Matt
10 Steps to #EndOurCladdingScandal
One of our residents Linda has written this powerful poem to express how she feels living in a building impacted by #CladdingScandal
Manchester Cladiators tell the real story #EndOurCladdingScandal
Manchester Residents Life Changing Cladding Bills
Manchester Residents & the Mental Toll of Living in an Unsafe Building
Albion Works residents are terrified of the future after finding that their building has combustible cladding.
Leaseholders held to ransom in flammable buildings. Hulme Life Buildings fights for others, LIKE THEM, living in dangerous buildings.
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