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MHCLG announce an additional £3.5bn to fix dangerous cladding on high-rise buildings. However, £2bn of this will be raised through a  £200m p.a. tax on builders starting from 2022.


Submitted written evidence to Housing, Communities & Local Government Select Committee for its scrutiny of the draft Building Safety Bill.

The Sunday Times prints a front-page article about the cladding scandal with an in-depth piece by Martina Lees inside.

Helped to co-ordinate numerous meetings with residents of buildings new to this situation. 

Launched this website.


Applications for Building Safety Fund opened

Leading Britain's Conversation (LBC) cover the cladding and fire safety issues in great depth.
Helped to co-ordinate numerous meetings with residents of buildings new to this situation.

JULY 2020

Relaunched @Sunday_at_10 with rebrand as Cladding Community. 

Residents at Skyline forced to issue Judicial Review proceedings against the Government over exclusion from Building Safety Fund.

Draft Building Safety Bill released. 

Reviewing of Draft Building Safety Bill and informing residents of content.

JUNE 2020

Registration for Building Safety Fund opened.

Virtual meeting with Mike Amesbury MP.

Virtual meeting with Jennie Seex from GMFRS and the GM High-Rise Task Force.

Virtual meeting with residents of Skyline and supporters to discuss their launching a legal case against the Government.
Housing, Communities & Local Government.

Select Committee published their report on cladding and the progress of remediation.

Took part in the 3-year anniversary remembrance event for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire.

Took part in a video with the Fire Brigades Union.

Relaunched our Fundraiser to help raise funds for Skyline to obtain legal advice about claim against the Government.

Virtual meeting with Lord Stephen Greenhalgh about the impact on residents’ mental health. 

Our sister account @Sunday_at_10 held a Glasto at Home event.

Virtual meeting with Lord Stephen Greenhalgh and other campaign groups about the draft Building Safety Bill.

MAY 2020

Held an online Quiz Night for residents with great prizes from supporters. 

Created a video to thanks Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service on International Fire Service Day.

Virtual meeting with Lord Stephen Greenhalgh, Minister of State for Building Safety and Communities.

We submitted both oral and written evidence at the Housing, Communities & Local Government Select Committee Inquiry into cladding and the progress of remediation.

Launched 5 Asks of Government mini-campaign.

Building Safety Fund Prospectus released, revealing buildings and issues that wouldn’t be eligible. 

Helped residents of Skyline in Manchester, who found they were ineligible for the Fund because their Freeholder had begun remediation.

APRIL 2020

Took our Wellness Programme online during lockdown and held online meditation and yoga classes for our residents. 

Took part in a video for Grenfell United’s monthly silent walk, which was held virtually due to lockdown. 

Held our monthly residents’ meetings online due to lockdown and found it was better as more people could attend. 

Our residents united to clap for our carers and key workers. 

United We Stream GM streamed a music event with XS Manchester from outside some of our affected buildings.

Held a virtual meeting with Suzanne Richards from Manchester City Council and Mike Amesbury MP. 

Many residents completed the Housing, Communities & Local Government Select Committee cladding survey.

MARCH 2020

£1 billion Building Safety Fund announced.

Helped launch Liverpool Cladiators.

Met the Secretary of State.

500 Facebook members.

200 Instagram followers.


Launched Northern Cladiators.

Parliamentary lobby with Andy Burnham, Paul.

Dennett and Sadiq Khan.

2000 Twitter followers.


Launched Wellness Programme
Fire Service meeting with Andy Burnham and Paul Dennett
Launched JustGiving fundraiser
Met Viscount Younger at MHCLG

OCT - DEC 2019

Pressure led to Labour and Conservative manifestos being changed to include cladding.

30 Blocks attended our largest residents meeting.

Facebook residents group launched.

Instagram launched.

Over 1000 Twitter followers.

JULY - SEPT 2019

Wrote to the Secretary of State.

ACM fund prospectus published.

Blog page launched.


£200m ACM fund announced.

Open letter sent to Government.

Spoke at the Manchester CIH conference.

Launched our Facebook and YouTube pages.


Manchester Cladiators formed.
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