Social Media

Social media can be a very powerful way of communicating with other people in a similar position and an exceedingly good way of bringing pressure to bear on Government, encouraging them to take appropriate action. Different social media platforms offer different benefits.


Follow us on Twitter. If you do not have a Twitter account then set one up and then simply click on the icon above and please follow us. When you see an interesting "tweet", then "retweet" and "like" it. If you search for the hashtags #EndOurCladdingScandal, #CladdingScandal and #LeaseholdScandal then you will find many thousands of tweets and other people following our campaign. The more you tweet using these hashtags, and the more you like/retweet anything containing these hashtags, the more publicity we will get and the more likely we are to see justice done.

Also follow other campaign groups such as Grenfell United (@GrenfellUnited), Leasehold Knowledge Partnership (@LKPleasehold) and National Leasehold Campaign (@NLC_2019).


We have two Facebook groups. One is public and we use this for a number of reasons e.g. providing strategy updates, highlighting media coverage and providing various types of information. The other is a private group of leaseholders in the Greater Manchester area who are experiencing fire safety issues, and we use this to provide mutual support, advice and guidance. If you wish to join the private group then feel free to e-mail us at: 

You will need to demonstrate that you are a flat owner within Greater Manchester.


Because Instagram is image and video-centric it is a very useful platform for supplementing our other means of communication with the public, and especially good for advertising our community events which make Manchester Cladiators so much more than just a campaign group.


We use our YouTube channel to share videos advertising our campaign, giving examples of some of the terrible situations that our members find themselves embroiled in and includes some of our press coverage.

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