Building Safety Fund - Is it Sufficient?

We are thankful for the Building Safety Fund of £1bn announced by Rishi Sunak in the recent budget. However we know that it will not be nearly enough. Robert Jenrick, Chris Pincher and the Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government must start to relieve the burden TODAY (and buy some goodwill) by:

  1. Reviewing waking watch process and reimbursing the cost to leaseholders
  2. Stopping sky high insurance premiums
  3. Helping leaseholders remortgage
  4. Helping leaseholders to sell their homes
  5. Not charging VAT for remediation
  6. Payment for remediation work beyond unsafe cladding

The problems that leaseholders face are both financial and life threatening, but also the problems are diverse. They do not just relate to combustible cladding, but to other fire safety issues as well, such as compartmentation, unsuitable inhibition of fire spread, absence of cavity barriers; the list goes on. These problems can be extremely costly to rectify, and very often the problems existed at the time that our buildings were built, and signed off by the building control officers authorised to measure building standards against regulations set by the Government. The problems that are now being unveiled have not been created by leaseholders, and yet they are still being expected to pay. The developers, freeholders, manufacturers of shoddy goods and insurance companies are getting off scot-free. This is not just. Consequently, our fight goes on and we need your support. Please contact us using the Contact page on this site, or e-mail

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